Construction Worker during Asphalting Road WorksHiring a paving contractor can be complicated for some. The ins and outs of the asphalt paving industry aren’t usually understood by most people and the specifications of your project can at times be hard to explain.

Not everyone knows to call a high-quality contractor like Raymond Wolk Paving. For those that are unsure of what to look for in a reliable paver like R Wolk Paving, here’s a list of questions to ask before hiring someone for your project.

What are the most important elements of the project?

Identifying the most important aspects of your project should be your top priority. Once you know what’s crucial to your project, you can clearly discuss it with your contractor and make sure you’re getting everything that you need.

How long have you been a paving contractor?

This is a fair question to ask a paver so that you know what type of experience they have. Paving companies that have been around for a while like Raymond Wolk Paving are typically reliable, but this isn’t always the case so it’s still important to do your research of their work.

What is the paving contractor’s scope of work?

You want to make sure that the scale of your project is the right fit for the work that the paving contractor you’re hiring generally does. Be sure to have the scope of the contractors work for your project laid out completely before paving begins.

Does the project present unique challenges?

Not all projects are typical and sometimes unique challenges are presented that paving contractors like Raymond Wolk Paving must overcome. Some forethought as to what these unique challenges will be could help your contractor immensely.

Are there hidden fees?

This is a good question to ask any contractor, and paving contractors are no different. Be sure to ask about any additional or hidden fees up front before work is started.

Are there references to call?

Are there previous customers who can speak to the service of the paving contractor? If they have a long list of happy clients then you can feel safe hiring them.


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